Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)

The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) is an independent academic institution supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. It is a member of four associations: Association of Arab Universities, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World , Community of Mediterranean Universities, and International Association of Universities. In addition, IUG works closely with numerous universities around the world. IUG provides for its students an academic environment that adheres to Islamic principles as well as Palestinian traditions and customs. It also provides all available resources, including the most up-to-date technology in service of the education process.

Contact Person: Prof. Hala J. El-Khozondar
Electrical Engineering Islamic University of Gaza

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna, Austria

BOKU faces a global competition for the best scientists and the best students. As it is a leading university in Life Sciences and aims to be a globally active university. A key aspect of the identity of BOKU is its own development research strategy. It is the only Austrian university with an organizational unit specialized in this area: the Centre for Development Research. BOKU is also a reliable partner for international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Bank, OECD, OSCE. The programmes at BOKU aimed to help making a considerable contribution to the conservation and protection of resources for future generations by providing diversity in its fields of study. Connecting natural sciences, engineering and economic sciences, we wish to increase knowledge of the ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources, to provide a harmoniously cultivated landscape. An important feature of BOKU's research lies in its recognition of future problems and our efforts to provide and stimulate practical relevance, internationality and among disciplines. The Institute for Chemical and Energy Engineering at BOKU is an important pillar in the field of the material and energetic use of biomass in Austria. The focus of the research area is clearly on the material and energetic use of biogenous raw materials and residual materials. Particular attention is paid to the processes themselves, since this is the only way to improve the potential for improvement. The institute has an excellent national and international networking of the persons involved in the project.

Project contact person Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Rafat Al Afif
Senior Scientist and Lecturer
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering
Institute of Chemical and Energy Engineering
Muthgasse 107, 1190 Vienna, AUSTRIA
T: +43-1-370 97 26-220,
F: +43-1-370 97 26-210